I would nominate Delanie’s post WHAT I HOPE TO DO WHEN I GET OLDER.

I nominate  WHAT I HOPE TO DO WHEN I GET OLDER because it enplanes what she want to do and by in the future.

She wants to go to college for a couple of years.

Her future job would be nascar  flagger or a professional soccer play.

the future of angelique

In my future I expect to be in college for maybe 8 to 10 years. To be a teacher or a child psychologist.I want to be a elementary teacher but I could go be a teacher middle or high school.

The reason i want to be a child psychologist is because of all the kids that have problems. I bet you anything I could be one; I’ll be the best one there is. The reason is because teenagers have problems just like me.

For the future I dream big not small. And if I do dream small it’s probably not important. It’s that or it’s a daydream.




1. What time do you normally get up to go to school?

I normally get up at 6:35 am.

3.How do you get to school?

I get to school by bus and car.

5. A typical lunch at school?

sandwich,chips,apple sauce,yogurt, and a drink.


If I could delete 2 or 3 memories it would have to be when my aunt died.That day I couldn’t handle myself, and after that I was all down in the dumps.The second one would be in the same year when my dad’s mother died. That day I went to the funeral at a church my dad’s side goes to.Those two days were the worst in my life.